Compare And Contrast The Results Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a political upheaval in the 1700’s during which many colonists of the Thirteen American Colonies had overthrew Great Britain authority, rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy, and founded the United States of America. Similarly, the French Revolution was also a political upheaval in the 1700’s during which the Revolution overthrew the monarchy, established their own republic, went through violent events of political turmoil, and finished with a dictatorship led by Napoleon Bonaparte which quickly brought many of its principles to Western Europe. Both the American and the French Revolution were products of Enlightenment ideals, which had emphasized the ideas of natural rights and equality. The results of the American Revolution and the French Revolution are very comparable as both Revolutions experienced great changing events at this time. The American Revolution was caused by the French and Indian War, which was…show more content…
France and the United Kingdom were both great powers in the 1700’s, and they always clashed in their quest for lucrative colonies. The British military power had gradually stripped France of their many colonies, which included the British conquest of Canada in 1759. When the American Revolution initiated in 1776, King Louis XVI supported the American colonies in their attempt for independence from Great Britain. French military and financial support severely weakened the economy of the French government. The same revolutionary dedication crossed the Atlantic and erupted in France in 1789. The effects of both of these revolutions spread throughout the world, as absolute monarchies from many other countries were replaced in a peaceful way with republics, democracies, and limited constitutional monarchies in those
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