Compare And Contrast The Romaneque And Gothic Architecture

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The Romanesque and Gothic style of architecture have made great impact in today’s architecture. Romanesque architecture was developed in the 12th century. The Romanesque architecture was influenced by the Byzantine and Roman styles. It had the characteristics of round arches, thick walls and pillars supported by the weight of the stone buildings and vaults. The theme of the churches interior was referred to Christianity. Many architects were employed to create impressive settings to represent Christianity. The Gothic architecture is originated in the mid 12th century and ended at 16th century. Gothic architecture have higher ceiling because they believe that they would be closer to god so the architecture looks more like heaven. There were many ideas and techniques used in the Romanesque architecture style. The greatest achievement on architecture was that the Romanesque period architecture was the creation of stone vaults. The reason that the stone vaults came along because the stone vaulting was needed to replace the previous vaulting which were…show more content…
They both used forms of vaults, buttresses and arches and etc, but they use different kind of them. For example, the Romanesque period used the barrel vault while the Gothic period used the ribbed vault. There are also many elements of architecture that separate both styles. The elements that defined some of the Romanesque style was that it was the first style to use mainly all stone and build thick heavy walls in buildings and structures while Gothic style was that it had thinner walls that could reach much higher heights with stained glass windows. Both of these styles elements have similarities and difference too. The round arch, barrel vault, stained glass and flying buttresses are still used in the 21st century. During those periods the advancements that were made would allow their buildings and structures to last
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