Compare And Contrast The Romantic Era And The Victorian Era

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The Romantic era and the Victorian era are two major periods in English literature. The main difference between Romantic and Victorian poetry lies in the way these two schools of poetry portrayed life and philosophy. Romantic poetry was influenced mainly by nature and it was considered as an idealistic refuge for the human soul. While Victorian poetry was influenced by the industrial revolution and the scientific discoveries of this period. However, despite the fact that William Wordsworth is a Romantic poet and Matthew Arnold is a Victorian poet the two writers share similarities in the use of nature, nostalgia, simplicity in style and morality. The romantic era originated in the nineteenth century and ended in about 1830. It is known that the birth of the romantic period is associated with the intellectual artistic movement that people gained more knowledge and entered the great depths of education. The romantic period mainly focused on literature or art that was passionate and aesthetic. During this period, people were encouraged to reconnect with nature; they were reminded of nature and their values and were given the freedom to express their individual imagination and teach spirituality and the value of humans. There has also been a reversal of previous social conventions, particularly in terms of the…show more content…
The Victorian era began in 1837 and lasted until 1901, until the death of Queen Victoria. The industrial revolution that occurred in the Victorian era, had a great influence on literature. The impact of science and technology can be seen in many written works during this period. Unlike romantic artists, Victorian artists did not see nature in an emotional and ideal light. Their treatment of nature was more realistic and influenced by technological inventions of the times. However, since Matthew Arnold highly admired William Wordsworth it is no wonder they will share some notable
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