Compare And Contrast The Selma To Montgoy March And Dr. King's Speech

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The controversy over whether every citizen, regardless of race, should have the right to vote was one that was not taken lightly. On March 15, 1965, President Johnson delivered a speech a week after the Selma to Montgomery March regarding the racially induced violence that arose. His speech was very similar to the speech Dr. King would later deliver regarding what he believed the resolution should be. He thought that all Americans should have the equal opportunity to vote. On March 25, 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. stood up and made a speech regarding the Selma to Montgomery March, also. He discussed the importance of what had just taken place and declared the goals of why it had happened. They marched for five days through opposing police officers. Some were injured, and some lost their lives to the cause. He was such an inspiration during this speech to his followers. All in all, Dr. King and President Johnson’s speeches were extremely similar regarding tone and the message they were trying to get across. Within Dr. King’s speech, he displayed several different tones. He was hopeful and positive. However, he was also honest. He did not sugar coat the journey it took to get where they were on that day. Within King’s speech about the Selma to Montgomery March, he conveyed, that the odds were completely against the African American race. The white population threatened the African Americans and told them that they would never achieve their dream of equality; they were the

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