Selma To Montgomery March Analysis

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The controversy over whether every citizen, regardless of race, should have the right to vote was one that was not taken lightly. On March 15, 1965, President Johnson delivered a speech a week after the Selma to Montgomery March regarding the racially induced violence that arose. His speech was very similar to the speech Dr. King would later deliver regarding what he believed the resolution should be. He thought that all Americans should have the equal opportunity to vote. On March 25, 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. stood up and made a speech regarding the Selma to Montgomery March, also. He discussed the importance of what had just taken place and declared the goals of why it had happened. They marched for five days through opposing police officers.…show more content…
One major common factor was the tone presented by both speakers. They were both so determined and passionate about what needs to be done to make the democracy in America right. For example, they both discussed the fact that all citizens in America need to have equal rights to vote and what needed to happen for that to go into effect. President Johnson stated that to deny anyone their rights based on their color was a disgrace to the founders of the country and the people who defend it (Johnson). Dr. King stated that the people should continue to allow everyone equal rights to achieve the American Dream (King). Another similarity is the use of words chosen by both speakers to get their points across. They use words with such passion and sureness. Some examples of those words were marching, rightful, dignity, strength, urge, and problem. They use such words to get their points across accurately and efficiently. They use these words to convey power and dignity to show that they both consider this topic very crucial. President Johnson also goes on to say that this is not something that should be taken lightly. He states that it cannot take much longer to pass because it is past time as it is. He states, that the cruelty and injustice has lasted a century too long. The injustice had lived in the country derived upon freedom and liberty for all…show more content…
King and President Johnson, both gave speeches regarding human equality and people’s right to vote. They were both men of a large amount of power and persuasion and used that for good in this instance. They used some of the same tones, and basically, the same message was given in both speeches. Although they were of a different race, they were in similar positions among their people, which made their leadership styles very close to the same. Overall, they both had excellent points, and their views and opinions were extremely similar while getting their points
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