Compare And Contrast The Social Policy Changes Between The 1940's And 1950

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During the 1940’s and 1950’s, there were quite a few social policy changes that emerged in the United Kingdom because of World War II. Once the German’s started bombing city areas in England, especially during the London Blitz, air raids became a normal occurrence. As soon as the bomb siren was heard, every man, woman, and child no matter what social class or economic status, would find a bomb shelter. A lot of people had not seen, how difference social classes lived until there were all performing the same action. They were hit with the direct interaction with other class citizens and forced to notice the differences. London tended to have a lot of the poor economic class living there and once the bombs started falling there became a sudden panic to get the children out of the city. Poor families would send their children out of the city to the rural areas where usually the richer families, who had enough to support more mouths to feed, would take them in. This was a major economic shock for many of the children coming from London and the families taking them in. The shock led to a call for social and economic equality throughout England. Because of the war, all of these people who normally would not have to face these issues were now being forced to see them head on. The rural more wealthy families were now getting a first-hand look at…show more content…
The shift in industry also allowed some African American’s from the south to move towards cities and receive jobs. Of course, they still suffered from high prejudice, the percentage of black workers jumped from 3% to 8% by the end of the war. Although they did have segregated divisions, Blacks were also allowed to join the army and fight for their country. Even Native Americans experienced a great change during the war. Most of their numbers joined the army and were allowed to fight in unsegregated

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