Compare And Contrast The Spanish Colonization Of The Americas

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As European nations started to make their way to the Americas to broaden and expand their wealth and influence over the ‘New World.’ The first Europeans to explore and settle, this ‘New World’ were the Spanish. However, by the late 1600’s the English had successfully established a dominant presence on the Atlantic coast. Both the Spanish and the English desired to obtain ‘New World’ land for very similar reasons. They both desired silver and gold to add to their country’s vast wealth, as well as what the grains and plants of this ‘New World’ had to offer.

When the Spanish arrived at the Americas prior to the English, the Spanish mainly wanted to explore this foreign land. The Monarchs who sponsored the Spanish expedition wanted one thing only, to get rich and so they tasked them with the job of collecting new and different varieties of plants and grains. Plants and grains that could be used for food and medicine.

During this period of history, every superpower of Europe had the same agenda, to grow their economy and appear to be the strongest nation. It was
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The Spanish explorers took a more forceful method in the pursuit of gaining land. The Conquistadors made this evident when they killed thousands of indigenous natives in order to take all their gold, silver, and other important resources, they did this all while claiming the native land in the name of Spain. However, even after the Spanish Conquistador took control of the natives capitol, the Spanish had ingrained the indigenous natives into the new Spanish colony. The Spanish had permitted limited rights to the Indians living under their rule. Most natives worked as slaves under their Spanish superior, others secretly tried to undermine the Spanish by creating insignificant attempts to overthrow
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