The Cask Of Amontillado And Tell Tale Heart Essay

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Poe is thought to be one of the most successful writers of horror. This is right in terms of his stories that he had written. The best examples could be “The Cask of Amontillado and “The Tell Tale Heart”. These stories were written in the view of murderers and are first person-limited. And these stories have both similarities and differences by means of themes, motifs, symbolism. These stories are very successful to create a good in the audience. In the story “The Cask of Amontillado” as the protagonist we have Montresor, who thinks that his friend Fortunato insulted him harshly and in exchange for he wants to kill his friend. On the other hand, in “The Tell Tale Heart” there is an unnamed guy about whose sanity the readers do doubt and who want to kill the old man because of old man’s blue eyes. In both of these stories there is a narrator who lets a human being get killed. Both narrators gives reasons why the killers committed those crimes. Both characters are intelligent but also insane no matter how hard they do deny it. We come to that conclusion because these both men want to kill people who indeed had done nothing to them. Fortunato and Montresor are close friends and…show more content…
But at the end, he gets killed by his friend. Moreover, this murder took place at the time of the carnival. In carnival times people go outside, drink and rejoice the moments with the loved ones. At the end everything should be good. But in that story carnival brings the death of Fortunado and this is the second irony here. In the other story “The Tell Tale Heart” the irony is more witty. The protagonist is a madman yet he always claims the opposite. The biggest irony in this story is the moment that the narrator confesses the crime to the police because of the feeling the heartbeat of the deadman and thinking that he is not dead though the police did not even doubt
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