Compare And Contrast The Three Levels Of Government

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The United States is a great example of the oldest living federation. The United States has a representative democracy and a constitutional republic. The government is controlled by the checks and balance system which is the country’s highest-ranking legal documents.
When it comes to America’s federalist system there is three levels of government. These level of government are federal, state, and local government. When it comes to the local government their responsibilities are split between the municipal and county governments. In most cases, officials like the executive and legislative branch are elected by a large number of citizens by each district.
The federal government has three branches of government that are the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch. The Legislative branch is a bicameral Congress that consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In this branch of the government they approve treaties, make federal law, declare war, remove members of the government, has the power of impeachment, and the power to pursue. The Executive branch has the
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Every tenth year house seats are divided by states population. California being the most populous state has fifty-three representatives while seven states has only one representative because of their size according to the 2010 census.
The Senate hold one hundred members two members from each state. These members can serve a term ranging from six years to every other year. The President however serves a four-year term and can only be elected to office twice. When it comes to electing the President they are elected by an indirect system called Electoral College System. This system is where the determining votes are distributed to the states and the District of Columbia. The Supreme Court is led by the Chief Justice of the U.S. and includes nine members who have a life
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