Compare And Contrast The Treaty Of Versailles With The Summit Series

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I am comparing and contrasting World War 1- The Treaty of Versailles with the Summit Series. To start my comparison I am going to look at the lasting impacts. With the Treaty of Versailles, it did not have a huge lasting impact. Although it had some, then some would be the fact that this starting WW2 and that has a lasting impact due to their still being survivors in today 's day. On the other hand, the summit series is something that we are still talking about today. The actual day that it happened on. On June 30th, 2017 TSN wrote an article on the summit series and how it would never have been the same without the same players. This proves that this is still very important in today 's day and time. I think that this shows that the summit series is more significant in Canadian history. The second way I will be comparing them is through the powerful impact it had on the people. The Treaty of Versailles had an extremely large powerful impact on society. This Treaty started the next world war. This impact was extremely large due to the number of people that were not expecting to fight again and then were forced into WW2. Looking at the Summit series, the impact that it had on Canadian citizens was extremely large. No matter if you were a hockey fan or not, you felt the energy that the whole country had. Due to the powerful impact that the Treaty of Versailles had it is more important to Canadian history. The third way that I will be comparing them is through personal

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