Compare And Contrast The Truman Show

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Utopias are a fantasy, not a reality. Christof' and Miss Strangeworth's utopian view of a society is an unattainable illusion. In the short story, "The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson, Miss Strangeworth emphasizes the belief that a society with no crime is perfect. Peter Wier's film, The Truman Show, Christof establishes a delusional image of reality for Truman. Despite the fact that both of these people have somewhat similar approaches, their differences are essential. For instance, Miss Strangeworth wants to make the town a better place. She feels as if she is to watch over the town since her grandfather had started it. She notices the strange behavior from everyone and tries to help them see their obliviousness. She does this by…show more content…
Human beings exploiting other human beings for their own selfish reasons. The Truman Show highlights the extensive exploitation in our society. In order to make The Truman Show profitable, Christof must include some kind of advertising into their TV show. This is accomplished through product placement and slogans, which are mixed into Truman's everyday life. Meryl is regularly babbling about product slogans; persuading Truman to buy a new lawn mower or trying to soothe his troubles with AMococoa hot chocolate. Even though marketing and advertising may not be the most important issues in The Truman Show, their presence makes a striking comment. Christof’s exploitation of Truman’s horrors in the flashback to the dark storm where Christof stages Truman's father's death shows the lengths to which he is willing to go in an attempt to gain more views. In "The Possibility of Evil," Miss Strangeworth exploits the people who she writes about in her letters. In an attempt to clean up the town, she writes several horrific letters to those who were looking distraught, and this benefits her. It makes her town "safe." She has taken it upon herself to exploit all the people doing bad things in her town. Christof and Miss Strangeworth are examples of people who exploit others for their own selfish
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