Cinderella And Vietnam Comparison

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Imagine getting killed by your own family and reborn a tree, like in the “Vietnam version of Cinderella”. There are many versions of the Cinderella Story, the two that are most interesting are to compare their similarities and their differences are the French and Vietnam versions, they have evil step-moms, magical godmothers, and happy endings.

First of all, the stories begin with an evil step-mom that locks Cinderella up and makes her do all the household chores. For example, in the Vietnam version of Cinderella, the step-mom asks Cinderella to go fishing and said, “Try to get as many as you can and if you come back with only a few of them, you will get flogged and sent to bed without supper.” In the French version of the
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In the Vietnam version Cinderella goes to the festival and her step mother and step sister are staring at her strangely and say, “Is that rich lady not strangely like my sister Cinderella?” Cinderella took off running and lost one of her fine slippers, which the soldiers picked up and took to the King. The King sent word, that whomever this slipper belonged to would become the Kings first wife, the Queen. One day Cinderella went home to celebrate her father’s anniversary with the family, but the step mom wasn’t fond of her being Queen. The stepmom asked Cinderella to climb a tree to get some nuts for the guests. Even though Cinderella could have refused because she is Queen, she was loyal to her family and climbed the tree to get the nuts. The step mother shook the tree back and forth, “What are you doing?” asked Cinderella, and the step mom replied, “I am only trying to scare away the ants that might bite you.” Cinderella then fell from the tree swaying back and forth, and Cinderella died. Cinderella was reborn a tree and later the tree grew a beautiful fruit. One day the fruit fell into an older woman’s bag as she was passing the tree and later after removing the fruit from the bag Cinderella reappeared from the fruit and became Queen after all. In the French version Cinderella lost her glass slipper at the ball. The Prince that found the glass slipper searched the entire palace to find the owner of the glass slipper; and
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