Compare And Contrast The Virginian And True Gritian

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In my first analysis paper, I looked at the novels Shane by Jack Schaefer and The Virginian by Owen Wister and I focused on how one’s body motion/image can make a cowboy who he is. In my second paper, I analyzed the novel True Grit by Charles Portis and the Coen Brothers’ film version of No Country for Old Men and looked at how a characters dress shows how they are assumed to act but that does not mean that they will act that way. In this paper, I will examine the novels Shane, The Virginian, and True Grit and look how well-organized clothing universally indicates a person with an organized mind with a sense of knowledge and how that affects how people will perceive them. In the novel Shane, the story focuses on the events that…show more content…
The two share many adventures and travels together that a strong friendship is formed between the two. Throughout the story, The Virginian is described as a clean and well-kept man. He is always well dressed and makes sure that he does not look dirty while interacting with others. When the narrator first sees The Virginian it is when he arrives at the small town of Medicine Bow. As the narrator pulls up he sees a group of cowboys trying to catch a wild horse in a corral. A few cowboys try catching the horse with no success. But then he sees this cowboy step up and tries next and realizes that he is different from everyone else there. This man is wearing nice clothing and even though it shows signs of work and travel it still looks nice on the man. The man then catches the horse with little trouble. When the narrator gets off the train he again sees the man talking with another well-dressed man. Upon a closer examination, he sees that the cowboy is one of the most attractive men he has ever seen and looks well organized in his clothes (Wister 2-6). Seeing him like this the narrator gets a feeling that this man is more than meets the eye and that he is not everything he seems to be. The cowboy is then introduced to be The Virginian and starts the beginning of the story for these two. Later on, in the story,…show more content…
In order to catch the killer, she enlists the help of Rooster Cogburn and LaBoeuf. She looks to get the help from Cogburn because of his history of violence towards criminals and the fact that he is known for getting the job done. When she gets to the town that he is in she goes to a court trial in order to find him and ask for his help. When she gets there she thinks that he is a young fit man with a shiny badge on his chest. But she is surprised and taken back when it turns out that he is, in fact, an older, one-eyed, heavyweight man with travel-stained clothes (Portis 43-44). By the way, he is dressed Mattie cannot understand how this is the man she has heard so much about. When she later goes to his house to discuss the details of what she want him for she is quite shocked by the state of his house. She thinks that by how messy and carelessly he dresses and by the disorganization of his house that he will not be able to help him out on her quest. But as the night goes one Rooster proves himself to be the violent man that the stories make him out to be when he kills the rat in his house. When he is in the process of killing the rat he is sarcastic and rowdy towards Mattie showing that all the stories about him are true (Portis 64-67). She sees him as being disorganized with his clothing that he has a very disorganized mind and cannot get anything done. But,

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