The Watsons Go To Birmingham Book Report

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The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963

Three miserable days in this sleek turd we call a car. My parents were playing their favorite records from like the 20’s! They were so boring, but luckily for me, the sound of the car lulled me back to a place of rest. When I woke, I looked up out the window to see a crystal, clear, blue sky. People you hold dear to you how to stick together through hard times, even if personal sacrifices need to be made. The party of five traveled across many states to be in the south, in a different environment. Yet unexpected events that were intended to tear each other apart, have the exact opposite effect. The Watsons go to Birmingham - 1963, written by Christopher Paul Curtis, is a novel turned into a film with differences and similarities such as family, segregation, and a church bombing, which combines the two.

In the novel, the overall focus was operating as a family; especially when it came to Momma and Dad 's kids. Byron, the oldest of the trio, is trouble
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Another way the book is more family oriented is when Momma was mad at Byron for playing with fire; she threatened to burn him, and when she was serious about it, but Joey stepped in and protected Byron by jumping in front of him every time Momma had lit the match to burn him. Like Joey protected By, in the film, African-Americans attempted to protect their rights by marching peacefully; only, they were to be greeted with high-powered hoses and vicious dogs. However, both in the movie and the book, Kenny and Byron have a serious talk and bonded over what happened at the church and in the real world; they realize family needs to stick together through tough times and periods where not everyone agrees with each other. Another novel about the mistreatment of African-Americans, that was also turned into a visual representation, is
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