Compare And Contrast The Weapons In The Civil War

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There are many things to compare and contrast from the weapons used during the Civil War. Some are the bullets, weapons, and explosives. Though, there are way more other things like the vehicles used. But, there are also many more things to compare and contrast. First, the bullets were different. The “Minie Ball” was less accurate and harder to load. Though, to the other bullets before, it was more accurate and better. They were circular bullets that traveled in the air less further and less accurate. The bullets used now are narrower at the tip and that causes them to be more accurate in the air and they travel further in distance. “Minie Balls” were also harder to load into the muskets. You had to go through several steps to get the gun…show more content…
They are also manufactured different too. The rifle-muskets were long barreled weapons that had to be reloaded after a couple of shots. The .36 caliber Navy Revolver that was manufactured by Colt had better sights than the other revolvers. The “percussion” revolvers did not have any good sights and were not guaranteed to hit its target that it was aimed at. The problem to this could have been the barrel and the bullets were the same diameter, so the bullet would sometimes jam up and not fire. The “Lemat” revolver could fire up to nine shots before being reloaded. These did not have to be reloaded the same way as the muskets though. They did not have to go through the long process of the reloading, but they were harder to get to and were usually more expensive. Other weapons used in the Civil War were muskets. They were very popular weapons in the war because most soldiers used these and were equipped with them. They were not very good weapons though. They, for one, had to be reloaded after about five shots. Second, they took forever to reload. Third, they had really bad accuracy. They could only shoot up to about 250 yards. Other muskets like the rifle-musket could be fired up to 1000 yards and it was way more accurate than the regular musket. But, the rifle-musket did have to go through the long process of reloading as well. Our weapons we use now are way better and easier to use. For one, we now have clips and magazines that make reloading easier. Second, our bullets already have gunpowder installed in them, so we do not have to carry gunpowder pouches with us during war. We also have guns that hold more than five or six rounds to shoot. This is because of the magazines and clips we have. Other guns like the Remington .12 gage shotgun could hold five to seven shots in it. It is a better gun because it is more deadly, even though it is not as accurate as any other weapon. Handguns like the “Sig” pistol are better than the
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