Compare And Contrast Theories Of Leadership

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Leadership is the art of guiding and leading individuals towards an objective or a specific goal. Leading is bodied with many different day to day functions that are needed in order to make an organization or business run smoothly. Without leadership, the workplace could turn into a chaotic work environment for the employees as well as the employer. This could cause severe problems for an organization. Without leadership, there would be no management, and without management there would be no leaders. There are many different similarities and differences when it comes to competing theories of good management and leadership. Such as trait theory, skill theory, and style theory.
When it comes to trait theory, it deals with the idea that leaders are born with the natural traits to be a leader. So, if leaders are born, then they must have the skills and characteristics of a leader already in their DNA. This quality makes them suitable for leadership. For example, it is said that taller individuals are better at leading.
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Managers must work twice as hard as their subordinates to ensure that they are affectively empowering and leading their team in a positive and assertive manner. Leadership should not be based on how long a person has been with an organization or whom the person may know, but rather should be based on the character and competence of the individual. Warren Bennis once said, "leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." Exceptional leadership is imperative in every organization. If a leader or manager is weak or passive, their team or employees become weak and misguided. The company will not flourish, and employees will not perform as well as they might be capable of performing. Without out exceptional leadership many organizations could face being shut down and have a high turnover rate because employees don’t have a great leader to look up
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