Compare And Contrast There Will Come Soft Rains

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Ray Bradbury’s short story, There Will Come Soft Rains, has elements of destruction, and what the future holds for mankind. It tells the story of a self operating house that carries out its day to day duties as , after a nuclear holocaust has occurred. In addition to this short story Rad Bradbury includes a poem by the same name written by Sarah Teasdale’s. While these two pieces of literature resemble each other in many ways, they also differentiate in just as many. The two stories contrast in each other in very interesting ways. There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury is a far darker story than that by Sara Teasdale’s; whose story paints a rosy picture of birds whistling on white picket fences, and plum tree. While on the other hand we have Ray Bradbury's version of the story, accompanied by components of death, war, and the harm that mankind can potential cause. One story is saying that the world…show more content…
In the Ray Bradbury's short story, the world has been heavily influenced by nature, the point he is trying to get across with the destruction of everything, is that nature will greatly outlast, even the last building left standing. While Sarah Teasdale's version has a much more lively take on the nature scene; creating scenarios in her poem with singing frogs. Sarah;s version also has some themes in hers as well. The quote “Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree, if mankind perished utterly.” This suggest that Sarah Teasdale's incorporates darker scenes in her poem like Ray bradbury. This quote shows the self absorption, and selfishness of mankind. To have an entire race of people wiped out, and not a single other organism would even care. None of them would care because now their trees aren't being cut down to build factories, their lakes and ponds aren't being drained to build shopping malls, the animals are no longer being experimented on to find the hottest new perfume
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