Locke Vs Hobbes

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The American Constitution stands on the principles and ideals of ancient, notable philosophers such as John Locke and Thomas Hobbes. Their ideas and theories lead to the development of one of the strongest nations in the world. Believing the best form of government is a democracy, John Locke expressed an optimistic and positive view of the nature of human beings describing them as cooperative and social creatures. On the other hand, Thomas Hobbes had a pessimistic view of the nature of human beings, describing them as selfish and war-like, and favored a total monarchy. Furthermore, although they have opposing views on human nature, they both have valid points. As mentioned, Hobbes viewed human nature in a negative light. Moreover, he…show more content…
Unlike Hobbes, he thought the state of nature is characterized by reason. Moreover, he viewed humans as cooperative, social animals who want to be loved. He also believed that we are all created equal and have the right to life, liberty, health, and property, as they are our God-given rights. For this reason, he opposed monarchy and believed democracy was the best form of government. Furthermore, he believed that we all have the right to protect our God-given rights and not harm others regarding their life, health, liberty, and possessions. Although Locke believed people are moral, he did acknowledge the fact there are is a small percentage of people who aren’t. Therefore, he emphasized the importance of having a democratically governed society in order to enforce rules, promote security, and preserve property. He thought the best way to solve social conflicts was for each individual in a society to come together and come to an agreement to live under one government that enforces laws for the greater…show more content…
However, he generalizes people and puts everyone in a box. Not all people are selfish and seek power. With this in mind, I agree with Locke regarding his view of human nature. He says the majority of people are cooperative and seek to be loved, all the while acknowledging the existence of morally corrupt people, which is why we need a democratic government. I think this theory couldn't be more accurate. Moreover, Hobbes also made a valid point when mentioning the fact that people would give up their powers in exchange for security. In fact, we see this taking place today. We have given up our privacy, especially personal online information, in exchange for our safety and security. Moreover, I lean more towards Locke’s philosophy in that he has a more balanced and realistic
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