Compare And Contrast Thomas Jefferson's Viewpoints In The 1790s

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Thomas Jefferson’s and Alexander Hamilton’s viewpoints during the 1790’s and the 1800’s were very different but sort of similar. Jefferson wanted the government to be run by the people of the U.S. while Hamilton wanted the wealthy class to run it, Jefferson wanted strong state government, Hamilton wanted strong federal government. But one thing that stood out to the people was Hamilton wanted a loose/lenient interpretation of the constitution as Jefferson wanted a strict one. During the 1700’s-1800’s, despite the fact Philadelphia was the nation’s temporary capital, U.S. Congress met difficulties and fears that tested the strength of the Constitution and the republic it built. The nation had a few domestic issues of finance, taxation, and slavery that separated the delegates into unpleasant political groups which caused international relations disagreements and second thoughts. The U.S. Congress during this era created a fake government that remained essential, despite the potential, to the contrary from the usual empires overseas to handle the heavy load of business. During this time, U.S. Congress took the time to create the…show more content…
Hamilton presented a plan to Congress to pay off war debts as fast as possible even if the debts were not promptly paid but was opposed by the southerners because they believed they shouldn’t help pay the debt the northerners still owed. Hamilton hoped to use the new government’s power to unite the disagreeing states and help accomplish his plan. Though the rights of the states were not nearly as important as national power and unity, they tried to keep order among the people in attempting to demonstrate federal power. “Hamilton's ideas about the role of the government in the American system contributed importantly to the ability of the new national government to assume its broad authority.”
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