Compare And Contrast Thoreau And Gandhi

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Compare and Contrast Between the 2 articles on similar themes, there are 4 reasons. (1) Gandhi and Thoreau both would not agree in certain things like laws. (2) Gandhi and Thoreau discussed civil disobedience. (3) Gandhi and Thoreau were influenced in writing their expressions, and how both wrote their expressions against the government and laws. Gandhi and Thoreau have different perspectives of the laws, and what people should follow. As their are many reasons of Gandhis and Thoreau, they both have different influences.Gandhi and Thoreau are influential people that changed history today The first things in common with Gandhi and Thoreau is they talk about the problems like the laws. Gandhi and Thoreau don’t agree in what the government does such as having to pay a lot of taxes. The only…show more content…
A big reason different from Gandhi and Thoreau, is Thoreau talks about his opinion on the government and laws. Thoreau mostly talks how he wants to fight back against the laws that are not right. Gandhi is speaking to everyone and how to change things. Gandhi is trying to change by not creating violence. Gandhi believed in peaceful protest to gain access to having freedom. Thoreau and Gandhi have a similarity, they both were locked up in prison. The reason why Gandhi and Thoreau were locked up is because people thought it had to do something with the government. The government would see Gandhi and Thoreau as a threat to society, because they think both Gandhi and Thoreau is trying to overthrow the government. Gandhi’s writing happens before the protest begins, and Thoreau’s writing happens when he is in jail for not paying the poll tax. Another similarities with Gandhi and Thoreau is when they wrote their expressions against the laws. Gandhi talked about Gandhi and Thoreau are recognize how both talked against the
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