Compare And Contrast Tide Rises And The Tide Falls

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Compare and contrast essay “The Tide Rises And The Tide Falls” What does Henry Wadsworth Longfellow mean by saying this. The ocean does not cease to move, its tide rises and falls, and its waves crash on forever. In life people constantly come and go because no one lives forever. “The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls” is Life development and progression. “Return The Traveler To The Shore.” What does henry mean by saying this some people believe he was trying to say a sailor going back to the ocean to continue his voyage. But henry meant the traveler will never return to the shore. This is not because he's moved to a different part of the shore, or because he has decided that he no longer wants to be by the shore. It is because he has died. Henry isn't just talking about a dead traveler he's…show more content…
Henry meant Notice how, even though the traveler is likely no longer with us, there are other people and animals still alive and kicking: the hostler and those horses. Have you ever told yourself that you were so busy you could not stop for death, well Emily Dickinson did. “Because I Could Not Stop For Death.” What does Emily Dickinson mean by this Stating that she could not stop for death means that Emily didn't have a choice about when she was to die. We've all probably heard something like this before. Even if not, Emily reminds us that it's not really up to us when we die. In this particular case she means to personify Death as a driver of a horse-drawn carriage.
He kindly stopped for me.” What does Emily mean by this Death is a kind of a gentleman. Who knew? This line establishes the tone that most of the poem follows one of calm acceptance about death. She's even going to enjoy the ride! We have good reason to believe by just the second line, that Emily is going to escape this
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