Compare And Contrast To Fly And Uncle Marcos

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Humans have always wanted to fly, since the beginning. The stories “To Fly” and “Uncle Marcos” both explore that dream. “To Fly’s” story is better, it has more facts, and gives us much more information on dream of flying than “Uncle Marcos”. “To Fly” has a lot of facts. For example, they tell us, “The first of their four flights, at 10:35am eastern time on December 17, 1903, lasted twelve seconds, at an average speed of 6.8 miles per hour against a 30-mile-per-hour wind.” Also, all of these facts can be easily remembered, and studied. This shows that “To Fly” is a very good, educational story. Some people may think that a story full of facts wouldn’t be nice to read, but knowing this information that “To Fly” delivers to us is very important,

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