Compare And Contrast To My Dear And Loving Husband

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“The Beauty of Different Perspectives”
Marriage is a milestone that many people want to experience in their lifetime. In comparing and contrasting two different authors’ perspectives, one can learn to appreciate the different views and opinions of others. The following poems involve two very different perspectives, yet they are the same in regards to the topic of marriage.
The view in “To My Dear and Loving Husband” by Bradstreet is very different compared to “Marriage” by Corso. In the poem “To My Dear and Loving Husband”, the wife knows exactly how she feels in regards to love. She begins by explaining how her husband and she are united as one. She further explains that she loves her husband more than other women can compare to their own love for their husbands. She sets a very confident and compassionate tone to this poem and attempts to explain that her love is greater than materialistic items. Furthermore, she speaks in a spiritual sense and talks about their love and heaven. She doesn’t have to think twice about her love for her husband, she knows how she feels and believes that no one else can compare. The author of “Marriage” by Corso, shows a sense of humor in his poem from the very first line. In this poem he faces a dilemma on whether he should get married or not. He speaks of a girl that he would take out on a date but instead of being ordinary, he would take her to the cemetery. He seems to think that everyone around him is very judgmental. For instances,
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“To My Dear and Loving Husband” by Bradstreet was very straight forward and seemed as though it were a tradition. On the other hand, “Marriage” by Corso was funny and Corso had mixed feelings and didn’t really know how he felt about marriage or if he would ever get married. These two poems are good examples to show how everyone have their own perspectives and ideas about similar
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