Compare And Contrast Tom And Crooks Immigration

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Despite Tom holding much better position in life, both Tom and Crooks held a certain bitterness to the world. But what Tom had was success in his American Dream… and he didn’t even need to work for it. Crooks worked for his dream, but in the end, he didn’t get much out of it besides a crooked back. It should be pretty clear now that the American Dream doesn’t live up to what it is imagined to. Essay Three - The Sad Truth of Immigration to The United States Sometimes, to have the American Dream, people have to move to the United States. They have to sacrifice everything - their homes, their families in their home region, and their lives. And what do they get in return? The return is quite poor - hard work, a hard life, and a societal resentment; yet somehow these people still show optimism in their lives while travelling to America, and while in America. Why? Why do these people give up everything for the American Dream if it’s such a falsified one? Life is never always completely easy. But there is a difference in the challenge of everyday life for everyone. Many people in the world, often in Hispanic regions, (such as near the Mexican and United States Border) have a very, very hard life. (Not to say that people don’t live through hardships…show more content…
A dream of equality - a dream where everyone can be content… but sadly a lie covered in shadows, corrupt politics, discrimination, and cruel cerebral matter. It’s one that’s controlled by the higher-ups in society.... people in power. People who have lots of money. People who need not worry about discrimination. While some things are achievable, success isn’t a guarantee for everyone - nor is it the fair “ hard work = results no matter what” pay off it should be. But for me, there’s a glimmer of hope. Someone who can bring real democracy. While the world will never be perfect, so many things have a chance at being fixed by someone - and that someone is Bernie
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