Compare And Contrast Tom And Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a novel writing about life in the 1920’s. The novel has Nick Caraway as its narrator, Jay Gatsby the main character in the novel and on the other hand, Tom Buchanan the antagonist opposing what Gatsby wants. Both Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan’s love Daisy Buchanan in different ways but tend to be similar since they all want Daisy who is Tom’s wife. In the novel Tom and Gatsby share some similarities despite their differences. Some of the similarities they share include the ill will feeling they had toward each other, were wealthy and. both loved Daisy and some of their differences are one being old money and new money; loved daisy but in totally different ways.
Both characters similar since they both want Daisy to be their own. As I said earlier, they love Daisy but in different ways. The love Gatsby has for Daisy is true love, he loves so much that he goes overboard to be wealthy, so Daisy could accept him; even took the blame for her when she killed Myrtle Wilson with his car. Tom on the other hand, because he knows Daisy goes wherever money is; he uses his wealth, status and personality to keep her.
Their behavior towards each other showed in the novel demonstrates the ill will feeling
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Gatsby is new money lived in West Egg; was not born into a poor home unlike Tom. Gatsby started from a scratch went through some criminal to earn money and acquire higher status activities “Gatsby rapidly achieves fame and fortune when he joins a criminal network in New York in the early 1920s”. (Grainger) He is a “self-invented personality which differs from other self-invented figures.” (A Point Of View: Gatsby and the way we live now) While Tom is considered old money, lived in East Egg which contained people from only old money, he went to Yale University did not struggle like Gatsby he pretty much lived an easy life due to his wealth compared to
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