Compare And Contrast Tornado And Hurricanes

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Hurricanes and Tornados are disastrous massive naturel disasters. They are both alike and different. Hurricanes has its unique traits and so does Tornados. Also Hurricanes and tornados cost the U.S billions every year over damage. Also these two natural disasters cause an average of 80 deaths and 60 injuries a year which is a lot if you add up all those years.

Hurricanes can cause massive destruction. And are formed in the sea. Hurricanes can also cause massive paths of destruction, they are so big they can cause damage in several states. In the middle of the hurricanes there is nothing happening which is called the eye. Once you are in the eye it seems all nice and calm then out of know where it comes back and starts creating more destruction and massive winds which blow homes over and pick up cars and usually in the mist there are massive rain storms.
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The wind column is created by cool air and warm air hitting in the middle which causes a column to start a spiral. Tornados are really devastating and can cause damage but it has a small path it only is like a mile wide so it would only destroy stuff in its mile wide path. Tornados can destroy way more stuff depending on the intensity or wind speeds of the tornado. The way tornados are measured by the Fujita scale it goes from F0-F5 depending on the wind speed. Some Ways Tornados and Hurricanes are the same are they both are caused by rapidly rotating winds and both are atmospheric vertices. Hurricanes and Tornados both also are powered by the release of latent heat by water vapor conceding. Both are clockwise in the southern hemisphere and both are counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere. Also tornados and hurricanes are both measured by the wind speed to determine how bad it

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