Compare And Contrast Tornadoes And Hurricanes

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What just happened!?! It was a tornado. Tornadoes and hurricanes have many differences and similarities. Tornadoes and hurricanes cause a ton of damage. The most disastrous hurricane was hurricane Catrina. Tornadoes and hurricanes cause horrific impact, the size of them, and they both indeed have certain locations.

To begin with, the impact of both tornadoes and hurricanes are horrifying. First, the damage cost a fortune to repair and most things can 't. Hurricanes cost a lot more than tornadoes. They cost 5 billion dollars and tornadoes cost 500 million. Next, there are certain stages that don’t just reduce the size, it also reduces the impact. They go all the way up to 5 stages from both storms. By stage 5, on hurricanes, your walls start to claps. Stage 5 on tornadoes, your house is crumbled in to pieces and goes on with the tornado. …show more content…

First, hurricanes happen in Golf States near the Atlantic Ocean. The states where they occur occasionally are: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Second, tornadoes happen in northern Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. Those states are called "Tornado Alley." The last reason is that a 1,300 tornadoes hit the U.S each year, and 5 every 3 years happen in the U.S. That is a ton of tornadoes and hurricanes according to Source 2.

In conclusion, oh man, that tornado took my entire house. As you have read, tornadoes and hurricanes have many differences and similarities. Tornadoes and hurricanes cost a ton of money. I 'm overjoyed that I don’t have to pay. The size of a tornado is little, but the size of a hurricane is tremendous. If I was in one of them, I would be really dizzy. The locations in the U.S where tornadoes and hurricanes form. I am eager that tornadoes and hurricanes don’t form here in West Virginia very much. Overall, tornadoes and hurricanes affect a ton of impact, has tremendous size, and has certain locations where they

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