Compare And Contrast Truman And The Atomic Bomb

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Truman and the A-bomb The drop of the Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the following Japanese surrender on September 2nd was the way Truman and the United States ended the bloodiest war ever fought in history. Nowadays there is a lot of speculating on whether or not the president chose the best option by using doing so. Although there is still a strong moral controversy about the bombing, this writer’s opinion is that Truman made, after all, the best thing among his other options.Just saying that dropping the A-bomb was the right thing to do is not enough without the proper explanation. By the time Truman became president the war in Europe was considered basically over.Truman’s biggest question marks were the how to share Europe with Russia and how to end the P.T.O, possibly as soon as possible.The…show more content…
This writer’s opinion is that the Japanese were aware of the moral implication of the Atomic bomb and the waited to sign the peace because they thought that the US would had not been ruthless enough to repeat the bombing in the future.It can be said that the second bomb was more effective than the first because it showed Russia and Japan that the US were not afraid to use their most powerful weapon if necessary. In conclusion, if people condemn the bombing because it involved civilians, which probably everyone agrees that is a terrible thing, sometimes people forget that the Japanese army was responsible for several civilians mass-killings in china and
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