Compare And Contrast Tsontakis And Haydn

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Two of the pieces out of the three that were preformed that stuck out to me the most were Tsontakis and Haydn. These two contrasted with each other in the sense that the first was only played with string instruments and the second also had string as well as the oboe, bassoon, violin, cello, flute and a drum. They both had two different feelings to them which made me appreciate certain parts in each piece even more. Tsontakis piece had four pieces that were very different but at the same time still were related to each other in some way. It reminded me of the life process, and how we have different seasons in our life and it kind of walked us through these seasons and portrayed them in a way that I found beautiful. At first, the piece started out slow and calming, but then as it progressed more and more it became stronger. Throughout the rest of the piece, it kept shifting back and forth from strong sounding to weak, and the tempo was mostly the same except for certain parts where it sped up and grew extremely loud and then quickly faded out which gave out a very dramatic feel to it. One of my favorite parts in this piece was when the main violinist started plucking the…show more content…
Tsontakis piece made me think about all the different things that we go through in life, and how something may be bad or scary at the time, but it won’t last forever. Everything happens for a reason and only lasts for a season, then it’s time to move onto a different part of your life, just like the song did by changing from heavier/ stronger parts to calm/ light parts which demonstrated this contrast. Haydn’s piece just made me think so much about all the good happy things in life and how even the little things that happen are sometimes some of the best parts like how the harmony in the background was subtle but ended up pulling the whole piece together in the

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