Compare And Contrast Two Protein Powders

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In this research project the main goal is to look at two different protein powders and see how the amino acids in them help our bodies to build muscle and how our bodies benefit from them. Protein powders come in all types and flavors and their main purpose is to give your body the amino acids and nutrients that it needs but might not get as easily. They help your muscles grow faster and stronger. Without protein, our muscles wouldn’t heal quickly or correctly which could lead to muscle injuries. In this research project, the two protein powders that will be looked at are Isopure Zero Carb and Syntha-6. The two protein powders will be examined and the best ingredients will show how their different functions help our body stay strong and healthy…show more content…
Leucine is used by the pancreatic enzymes during digestion and is essential for optimal growth in babies and children. For adults leucine is used for the balance of nitrogen in the body. Leucine lowers high blood sugar levels and is helpful in promoting the healing of bones, skin, and muscle tissue. Leucine is used for the synthesis of blood sugar in the liver during starvation, stress, and infection to help with healing. Leucine works with valine and isoleucine to protect the muscles. Leucine promotes muscle recovery. Glutamine is converted to glucose when it is needed by the body as an energy source. Glutamine also helps in maintaining the right amount of blood glucose levels and the right pH level. It is a source of fuel for cells that are lining the intestines. Without it, these cells wouldn’t survive. It is also used by white blood cells and is important for immune function. Glutamine can help in maintaining the proper acid and balance in the body. It is the basis of the building blocks for the synthesis of RNA and DNA. The making of DNA is dependent on enough amounts of glutamine. Glutamine increases the body 's ability to grow which helps assist in metabolizing body fat and helps to support new muscle tissue that is growing. Valine is useful in helping with things that involve muscle, mental, and emotional upsets, and for insomnia and nervousness. It is needed for the maintenance of muscle tissue and helps to preserve muscle glycogen. Valine serves as a important fuel sources for skeletal muscle when experiencing times of metabolic stress. It helps to promote protein production, storage and muscle growth. Valine may help treat malnutrition that has to do with drug addiction. Valine is also helpful in synthesis of glucose in your liver especially during activities that don’t have enough oxygen intake. As you can see leucine, glutamine and
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