Compare And Contrast Twyla And Roberta In Recitatif

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Character setting in a story is one of the more specific details of the overall idea of setting. In the short story Recitatif, the two protagonists, Twyla and Roberta, evolve into their own unique characters throughout their experiences and encounters. They both seem to have changes in attitude, personality, and their point of view on things around them as they go through their story because of what they have been through and who they grow to be. Twyla and Roberta play a very important part when it comes to character setting because they really set everything up by using their surrounding as a way to interact with each other and reflect on the how the world is changing around them. Twyla and Roberta are both very round characters with dynamic features because the amount of change that they go…show more content…
They meet in a supermarket in the slightly littler town of Newburgh, and this time, Roberta is excited to see Twyla out of nowhere instead of brushing her off like she did at the restaurant. Roberta is dressed very nicely and has seemed to have turned her character around into someone who has gotten married and pieced her life together. Twyla has also gotten married in their time of being disconnected from each other, and she seems very content with her life as well (Morrison 204-205). It is very interesting for the reader to see how these two ladies have changed since the last time that they had crossed paths, but Twyla also brings up a good point when she asks herself why they once acted like strangers, one black and one white, to acting like long-lost sisters on their way to go and get a cup of coffee and catch up (Morrison 206). While they’re catching up, they have a bit of a misunderstanding with each other about what happened to Maggie and how she fell, and this caused to part ways yet again because of discomfort and contradicting point of
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