Compare And Contrast Union And Confederate

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The Union and the Confederacy were fighting for their own acceptable intentions. The Union sought to defend the constitution and have one unified country. Nevertheless, the Confederacy felt endangered when Union soldiers were directed to their territory. So because when one feels endangered or threatened, one must have the sudden desire to protect. It is in the human nature to do so. It is like a unanimous law for nearly any being. So that is what the Confederacy did. They protected their land because they felt endangered. However, the war eventually led to the Union accomplishing their craving for a united nation. The reason the Union won was because the fighting schemes performed an enormous amount in the war. The Union battled with more of the style of a Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon mix. The…show more content…
The Confederacy battled with a Celtic style. The Celtics were lined up all in one line to defend themselves. They literally made a human wall. The Confederate/Celtic honor code made the important war figures to be in the front of the battle lines. Expectedly, this shattered the Confederacy’s command center. The Celtic fighting style made 55 percent of all figure heads of the war to die mainly because they were primary targets, and when a figure head is in the front, the opposing team would most obviously try their best to take him down first. However, the good outcome of this strategy is that it can psychologically break the opposing team effectively. Like when the Union attempted to fight the Confederacy at Manassas, but failed because when they saw the amount of soldiers lined up, causing psychological distress. Comparing the fighting tactics used by the Union and the Confederacy, it is obviously prominent why the Union won the war. The Union won the war because they did not get 55 percent of the whole command center eradicated or injured. Putting the important or best people in the front would never be a bright
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