Compare And Contrast Vinny And Joe-Boy In The Ravine

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The author shows the similarities and differences between characters traits of Joe-Boy and Vinny that helps us know about them, and “The Ravine”! Salisbury Is the author of “the Ravine”. The point of this essay is to talk about the differences and similarities of Joe-Boy and Vinny. Vinny and Joe-Boy are best friends. Vinny’s Characters traits: Vinny doesn’t have a girlfriend like Joe-Boy does. When Vinny’s mom tells him not to go to the pond, he disobeyed his mom and went to the pond and felt guilty. When Starlene got ready to jump Vinny wanted to hug because he thought she would die. Vinny doesn’t obviously fight because Joe-Boy was teasing him and he didn’t do anything about it. In the story “The Ravine”, It says that “ You
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