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When reviewing these two case studies the role of operations management and how they are involved to achieve the same outcome, in Apple case it was manufacturing and the distribution through the supply chain management and the operations management would include designing efficient processes to produce the product, timely acquisition of raw materials, insuring adequate numbers of properly trained workers, and proper maintenance of equipment.
As for Virgin which is more of the change to its service setting would need to focus on insuring that workers are adequately trained, that customer service locations are equipped as needed and are safe for employees and the public, that services are revised as dictated by customer input or competitive forces.
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For Apple it is all about quality control, customer services and being innovative, the new thing and the expectation customers have con a custom too. Whilst Apple product are generally the most expense this all forms part of their competitive advantage as Apple customers expect to pay more, which allows them to spend the money they do on customer service and development. Apple operations from supply chain management through to inventory management are world class.
As for Virgin they their competitive advantage was being well priced and provide a service that was above Jetstar. However, when they were migrating themselves to a full service carrier they had to ensure that the new products they were looking to delivery which had major improvement from a customer service level which meant their operational strategies from a service design and development though to the financial impact this would have had with the costs of rebranding, training staff, purchasing of new equipment. However Virgin were commitment to the plan and new that they could take on Qantas and be competitive on service, price and the dentation that they flew to along with the alliance they created with other international

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