Compare And Contrast Volleyball And Basketball

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Have you ever wondered which sport to play when you like both and parents only say 1 sport? The skills are slim if you are just starting out but if you are advanced you should know the basics. The shoes you are supposed to wear will help you when it comes time for games. Depending on if you are a good runner than you should choose an easier sport but if you like bigger courts than you could play basketball. Volleyball and basketball are both sports but they have many differences when it comes to playing time and a chance to get fit. The skills for volleyball and basketball when you are on offense. In volleyball you have to switch spots and then the person in the bottom right corner will serve it over the net. In basketball you will have 1 person pass to the point guard and they will bring the ball up. If you are the point guard than you should be able to dribble well. In volleyball on defense you need to be able to go get the ball and pass somewhere. In basketball you need to be able to not let a girl/boy pass you. If they do then if you…show more content…
They are meant for sliding your feet and stopping you quickly. The shoes in basketball have high backs. They are meant for your ankles to have better support. They are also for your advantage on the court and to stop. Volleyball shoes are made for the court and not outside. If you take them outside than you will tear up the bottom. If you tear up the bottom than you won’t be able to stop as quickly. For basketball the shoes are also made for the court and not outside. Once I wore my basketball shoes out and the bottom got all torn up and they didn’t help me on the court. In volleyball when you wear volleyball shoes on the court they won’t tear up your other shoes and they will help you and your team get better. In basketball when you wear basketball shoes you won’t slide on the floor as much and if you need to come to a stop then you will and it will happen

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