Compare And Contrast Wabash County Jail

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The Wabash County Jail and the Miami County Jail are similar and are also different. Three of the big differences between the two are their structures, the surveillance systems, and the classifications of the inmates. These three key points are big in the way the criminal justice program works and how the jail system works. There are similarities between the two jails, but the things that stick out the most are the many things that are different about them. And the way they run the two jails. The structures of the jails are the one of the biggest differences about them. The Wabash County Jail is a linear set up. Which means it is all in lines and straight hallways. The Miami County Jail has a “Pod” Structure. This means that there are many different sections of the jail, almost set up like a honeycomb structure if you will. The Wabash County Jail has a very open “Day” Area which is three brick walls and a barred wall, of which was overcrowded. While the Miami County Jail has a closed in area with cells eight cells in each of the eight cell blocks. The classification of each inmate…show more content…
The systems in the Wabash County Jail are low grade and big with the wires sticking out, in easily accessible places. They do have a lot of the more modern ones that are small and round in the hard to reach corners. At the Miami County Jail all of the cameras are small and in high hard to reach places. Miami County has a camera pointed at every spot, literally nothing can happen without the Control Office knowing. The Wabash County Jail has a smaller office that can easily be accessed. While at the Miami County Jail, the Control Office is under 24 hour duty. There is always someone in the office and it is in lock down 24/7. One must be “buzzed” in and out; there is also a bathroom, microwave and a fridge in case of a lockdown, riot, or some form of prisoner escape, the Wabash County Jail has none of that protection in its central
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