Compare And Contrast War And War Song

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War Song O.A.R/Hero of War Rise Against Compare/Contrast
O.A.R’s War song and Rise Against’s Hero of War are two very controversial songs about war. War song talks about the cataclysm of war and their wrongdoings as well as their futile purpose. Contentiously, Hero of War describes the heroism portrayed by the people back in their distinct country towards the war veterans. When Rise Against say “A hero of war, yeah that’s what I’ll be”, they are saying this sarcastically as they do not believe that they are heroes while they elucidate the horrors done by the army and the reason they should not be classified as a heroes. Controversially to Hero of War, War Song tries to provoke critical thinking towards
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It tries to enlighten the hardship of coming back to a life that is not foul or execrable including the likes of PTSD and unemployment. Both of these works of art simultaneously denounce the sins of war while supporting the troops overseas.
War Song and Hero of War are two very controversial songs about war, while being two similar songs as well. Both of these songs use Ethos as both of artists have served in war ergo making them a credible source. While Rise Against’s HoW uses Ethos to describe the dreadful sights and glimpses of war, War Song uses Ethos to support the troops and to lambaste war.
These two songs also use another element from Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle; Pathos. Emotion is a great part of their songs. Hero of War tries to make the listeners feel empathy by evoking emotional moments towards the civils of the enemy’s country “She walked through bullets and haze I asked her to stop
I begged her to stay [...]
And I fired away
And the shells jumped through the smoke
And into the sand
That the blood now had soaked
She collapsed with a flag in her
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