Compare And Contrast Warlock's Hairy Heart And Where The Wild Things Are

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Effects of Children’s Stories on Muggle and Wizard Youth: Where the Wild Things Are vs. “The Warlock’s Hairy Heart” Children’s stories are very influential in all societies, magical and non-magical. Whether a story is violent, feminist, discouraging, or inspiring, a story can mold a child’s mind. Focusing on the famous and commonly read muggle story Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak and a wizard fairy tale taken from The Tales of Beedle the Bard, “The Warlock’s Hairy Heart,” by J.K. Rowling, many similarities and differences are eminent. Although they are from two different societies, many of the morals and themes are found to be the same, however, there are differences in the aforementioned fables which can mold a generation, upholding the segregation of communities. Concentrating first on the book Where the Wild Things Are, the story centers around a young and immature boy named Max with a wide…show more content…
The morals and theme that authors pass to their readers repeat each other infinitely. J.K. Rowling writes another fairy tale in The Tales of Beedle the Bard named “The Wizard and The Hopping Pot.” In this story, a young boy must be taught a lesson by his father, trying his best to ignore the warning given by the old man, he does not learn until the end that it was best to listen to his father the whole time. Hence, paralleling the overall outline of Where the Wild Things Are. Although the evils in both stories are different, the theme repeats as well. The differences between the aforesaid stories can create a distinction between the societies as well. Because this essay only goes into detail about one story from each world, the divide the wizarding stories create can also be explained by non-literature factors. In order for a proper conclusion to be made about the influence of children’s stories on wizard youth, more wizarding fairy tales need to be released
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