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Washington DC monuments and Egyptian pyramids are very similar. In Washington DC we honor generals,politicians,poets,statesmen, and soldiers who shaped our nation that we have today.The pyramids honored the great Pharaohs that the Egyptians lost. Although most of Washington DC’s most famous monuments are on the national mall, you can find many statues and plaques located on street corners around the city. The DC war memorial commemorates the 26,000 DC citizens who served our country during World War 1. The monument is made of vermont marble and big enough to hold the entire U.S marine band.The Eisenhower memorial is huge limestone columns in a semicircle space made of monolithic stone block and carvings and inscriptions that depict an image of his life. The Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial is set on a beautiful spot along the tidal basin and is handicap friendly. The Korean War memorials is honors those killed,captured,wounded or remain missing during the war.The Lincoln memorial is one of the most visited monuments.The Martin Luther King Jr. memorial is a 30 foot statue with a wall that is inscribed with excerpts from some of his sermons. The Vietnam Veterans is a memorial to honor the 58,286 American soldiers missing or killed during the war. The woman of Vietnam memorial is dedicated to all the woman who served during the Vietnam War.The World War 11 memorial is is made of a…show more content…
Pyramids honor people like monuments,but pyramids honor dead pharaohs that were important to ancient Egypt. The pyramids were built as soon as the pharaoh came to rule, pyramids took 2 years to build at minimum because they were man made. Pyramids had some of the pharaohs belongings for when they entered the afterlife. The pyramids are very different from monuments but they both honor important people or in monuments case places or wars. In conclusion monuments and pyramids are very important to society

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