Compare And Contrast White Collar Crime Vs Street Crime

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Would you rather be a victim of a crime that is associated with street crime or white-collar crime? These two types of crimes have many victims, but the victims in each situation are affected very differently. Street crime and white-collar crime are two drastically different things. White-collar crime deals mainly with money while street crime deals with crimes such as rape, domestic violence, murder, and crimes such as these. White-collar crime is crime that is defined as non-violent. For that reason, street crime is far worse than white-collar crime, simply because it is violent and involves guns, drugs, and rape. White-collar crime is often not heard of because it does not affect people in a violent way, but instead in a non-violent way…show more content…
“Some survivors may engage in substance abuse of drugs or alcohol to help him or her cope with the overwhelming feelings” ( When a person is raped according to the joyful heart foundation the victim may engage in drugs for a quick relief. In reality it is only causing them more pain and problems. Victims of white-collar crime are so lucky that they do not have all the emotional and physical aftermath effects of street crime victims. Rape victims may come to terms with what happened to them and go on with their life, as they should, but they will flinch at an unknown touch, they will feel frightened as they walk alone, and they will have an extremely tough time trusting anyone again. Murder victims families will mourn that family member forever and wonder what they could have done to keep them safe. All these victims of street crime will forever hold what happened to them. Victims of white-collar crime will only have to earn that money back, they will not have to go to therapy or support groups. To sum up what has been said, street crime takes a more physiological toll on people than white-collar crime
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