Differences And Similarities Between Whitman And Dickinson

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Whitman vs. Dickinson
Intro. These two writers, both through their own genius, tackle subject matter, and poetic style in their own individual way. This causes them to have very recognizable similarities and differences. Here, I will be exploring how Whitman and Dickinson style, and tone. I will also discuss the one I more resonated with. Skillfully use their style and tone… Thesis
Dickinson most commonly uses imagery whereas Whitman’s tool is repetition. Whitman’s repetition is like a pastor preaching from a pulpit. He is trying to get a message across, and emphasize the seriousness of what he is trying to say. He wants the reader not to focus on the repeated word, but the meaning of what comes after it. For example, in his poem, “Beat Beat Drums,” he says: “Mind not the timid--mind not
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Her purpose was understood, but not well-received since I could not connect with her personally. They both had something profound to say, but Whitman’s friendly voice was received with more ease. Two poets can try to convey similar themes but, the distance between the poet and the reader can influence how the reader receives the information. In conclusion, two very intelligent authors can be grounded in the same belief, but have similarities and differences. Both Dickinson and Whitman have strong opinions they desire to express through poetry. Nevertheless, they both generally remain consistent in their poetry style. Whitman uses catalog. Dickinson uses rhythm and rhyme. Whitman also uses repetition, and Dickinson, imagery. Each of these methods were skillfully integrated into the poem to present their specific theme. Even though, as a reader, I responded to them differently, I still credit them as great authors of the past and the

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