Compare And Contrast Wiglaf And Beowulf

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Many problems and questions found in Beowulf can relate to modern times. The

punishments aren't as brutal. We don't have dragons in today's time. Beowulf showcases

good versus evil, which we still see everyday. There are many differences, but at the same

time there are many similarities. Our United States Army can be compared to Wiglaf in

this scenario. Wiglaf shows his loyalty to Beowulf and compared to the other men we can

notice his courage. Our United States Army is Loyal to our country and has many values

they go by. In the book Wiglaf recalls the time in which him and the rest of the men swore to their

lord that they'd repay for the war-gear, armor, hard swords, and helmets. If Beowulf

needed to fight,
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Duty means being able to fulfill tasks as

part of the team. Their work is building one task onto another. By the soldiers wearing the

United States Army uniform shows their loyalty.

The soldiers code for respect is, "Treat others with dignity and respect while

expecting others to do the same." To the Army respect is trusting that all people have done

their jobs and completed their duty. When soldiers are serving our country they do it

without thought of recognition or gain. Honor in the Army is living up to the Army

values. Integrity is when you're doing what's right legally or morally. Creating personal

change requires, standing up and acting upon things we know are honorable daily. Personal

courage has been associated with the Army for a long time now.
Modern society is far from the time of Beowulf, but consists of many similarities. Many

values and acts of Beowulf are still present in us today. Wiglaf represents loyalty, courage,

and honor. I compared the United States Army to Wiglaf, because they show and hold the

same values. The Army is one team and every soldier has something to contribute. Wiglaf

was a one man team and will be remembered for his loyalty and

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