Compare And Contrast Willie And Sinclair Lewis Babbitt

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As a rule, humans tend to try and figure out why they are on this planet. In sinclair lewis’s babbitt, a successful realtor tries to find his true desires by changing things about his life before he realizes he already had what he wanted. on the other hand, arthur miller’s death of a salesman follows willie loman, an unsuccessful salesman, in his struggles to get his life back to where he thinks it should be. It could be said that these two stories have little to do with each other but they both exemplify this rule. The two characters are trying to find themselves without understanding the consequences of their actions. After a series of events, both Loman and Babbitt tried to make up for what they had done to their families although with different methods. willie loman was not happy where he was in life. he constantly lied to himself and others around him about how the world worked and where he stood in it as a way of making himself feel better. in willie 's mind, he had failed at what he was supposed to do with his life. by the time he had kids, he had…show more content…
they both sought after something that they thought would be better with no actual proof to that being the case. this caused them to start a downward spiral that led towards their eventual ruin. once they realized where they were headed, they both came to the conclusion that something had to change. although willies wife never finds out about his infidelity, he still feels a certain amount of guilt over it. similarly, babbitt wants to patch up his relationship with his wife. they both accomplish what they set out for in the end by finalizing their actions. “Quote on effects of infidelity”(Gunderson, 5) when willie committed suicide, he thought that he was setting everyone up for life and when babbitt left his new habits and returned to his wife, he believed that he was making the right choice. both characters found their desire to fix the messes that they had
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