Compare And Contrast Winfrey And Ellen Degeneres

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Entertainment show Hundreds of viewers every afternoon tune into the two most controversial daytime entertainment TV shows hosted by Ellen Degeneres, with her humorous presentation & Oprah Winfrey 's talk show on a more serious note . Oprah, known for being a host, actress and philanthropist as well as one of the richest African American women, while Ellen is known for being a hilarious standup comedian & actress also being one of the most richest lesbians, both show a different point of entertainment but also have many similarities . Not only are they both known for their TV shows, but they also have been a part of many charity’s and positive contributions to our society. Two being the most successful women to air on television making millions of dollars, there road to success along with being such inspirational desirable people while putting a smile on those faces going through rough times. Fame did not come easily to either Oprah or Ellen, although both graduated from top universities. Before "The Ellen Degeneres Show, “she worked comedy shows in small coffee shops, clubs, and bars. Some called her "the funniest girl in America" after her appearance on "The Night Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1986. When she openly said she was gay, many viewers turned away from and her and…show more content…
All in all, Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey are wealthy celebrities who have earned the trust of the American people, who listen to what they have to say. Neither has forgotten how hard it was to reach where they are. They, therefore, reach out to Americans with advice and support to inspire others to do the same. The love that fans feel for them both is seen by the fact that everybody calls them by their first names, showing the connection they have made to their fans. Even though Ellen has done a lot in regardless to getting where she is today along with all the work she still puts in, when comparing the two, Oprah has had a lot more experience when it comes to her life
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