Compare And Contrast Winston Churchill And Beowulf

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Jimmy Moore
Mrs. Riehl
Period 6/7
25, October, 2016
Churchill vs Beowulf
The two heroes were definitely influential to their society, and the people that they surround themselves with. After researching Winston Churchill and Beowulf, it turns out that they are more similar than they are different. Winston Churchill and Beowulf are similar because of their fearlessness, motivation or in other words ability to turn things around, and the way that the two characters both take charge when there is a rising conflict.

Winston Churchill and Beowulf are similar when it comes to their basic thought process. The two heroes are both fearless, and determined to do the best that they can. Winston Churchill is fearless because around the time of World
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Both Churchill and Beowulf see conflicts as a challenge and try to get the best of it to come out on top. Winston Churchill faced many conflicts when he was the Prime Minister of Britain. One of his major conflicts was when Germany attacked Britain by sea, through the air, and not so successfully on land. The attacks were so rampant that Churchill said “I never 'worry' about action, but only about inaction.” ( Langworth, Churchill: In His Own Words) This quote displays his attitude toward conflict basically saying that there was never a dull moment during his fight with Germany, and that he was never intimidated or scared when the action was going on because he believed in his country, For instance, when the conflict worsened, the German people launched an aerial attack over Britain. As soon as the bombings ceased Churchill came outside to look at all of the destruction. He rallied the soldiers and construction workers by working alongside of them to start rebuilding some fallen infrastructure and road ways. Beowulf is looked at as a war hero to the Danes and the rest of the world after defeating Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and later on the dragon. He never backed down from a conflict no matter how close to death he could be, and he did his best to protect the people around him. Beowulf comes from a family where conflict is looked it as positive and his dad was a famous war hero of his time, and Beowulf was…show more content…
The two characters are very aggressive and have a take action type of personality. Also, this similar personality leads to how they handle conflicts. Both Churchill and Beowulf have the ability to turn nothing into something and go great lengths to save society. Lastly, these traits are the reason why these two war hero’s are seen as legendary, and why they are still talked about
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