Compare And Contrast Winter Dreams And The Great Gatsby

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Twins from Birth Every decision may change someone 's fate. Every little decision matters, it could change someone 's life or kill them. F. Scott Fitzgerald had created both Winter Dreams and The Great Gatsby. The two stories are quite similar ,but also very unique in their own way. Gatsby and Dexter both come from either poor or middle class families. The two just want to fit into the higher class and both of them needed the last piece to becoming apart of the higher class. The location Gatsby and Dexter live impacted their lives and as well did the people that lived around them, also, the minor characters in these two novels extremely affects how the characters act. The location that Gatsby and Dexter live makes a huge impact on how they live. Gatsby lives in Long Island and Dexter lives in Minnesota.“After Gatsby 's death the East was haunted for me like that, distorted beyond my eyes’ power of correction.” (The Great Gatsby 176). Nick was trying to say that the East had corrupted him and others around him. The East wasn 't the same without Gatsby alive, there were no more lavish parties. Everyone soon went broke and had no currency in possession. “The Minnesota winter prolonged itself interminably.” (Winter Dreams 6). In Minnesota, Dexter has to fit into all the clubs and get to know everyone. He isn 't lower or higher class and he watches how the higher classes act and dress so he can mimic them. Furthermore, the people that surrounded these two really affected them
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