Compare And Contrast Winter Dreams And The Great Gatsby

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People who come from similar backgrounds may share similar experiences. This applies to the characters of Jay Gatsby and Dexter Green, who progress throughout The Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams to achieve the lifestyle that they always wanted, but fall short when it comes to love. The Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams were written By F. Scott Fitzgerald, and both of these stories give an insight to life in the 1920s. Jay Gatsby is one of the central characters in The Great Gatsby. He came from a poor family and eventually became extremely wealthy, but he isn’t satisfied without his past lover, Daisy Buchanan. Dexter Green was a golf caddy as a young boy, which is where he met his love interest, Judy Jones. As he grows older and rises to the upper class, he still feels as if his life is inadequate without her. Jay Gatsby and Dexter Green are similar to one another, they both come from new money and feel incomplete without somebody from their past.
The settings of “The Great Gatsby” and “Winter Dreams” both have an effect on their characters. Dexter Green lives in Minnesota and worked as a caddy at a prestigious golf club. He dreams of achieving the level of wealth that the golfers he once worked for possess. Jay Gatsby is originally from Minnesota and moved to East Egg. He also dreams of fitting in with upper class society. “Mr. Hart-- one of the gray haired men who like to say “Now there’s a boy”-- gave him a guest card to the Sherry Island golf Club for a week-end… He did
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