Compare And Contrast Women And Love In The Great Gatsby

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In Fitzgerald 's novel The Great Gatsby there are a lot of characters who are the same and a lot who are different. For example, to the naked eye Tom Buchanan and George Wilson may seem different, but they are more alike than what some might think. Tom and George go through a lot of the same things and have a lot of the same reactions to things that happen to them. Fitzgerald is telling us that the nature of man is how people react to what they go through. When it comes to women and love, Tom and George seem to go through things that are completely different, but really they are just the same. They both are married, love their wives, and somewhere along the way, both of their wives, stop loving them. The only difference in the situation where both of their wives stop loving them, is George didn’t cheat. Tom is married to Daisy, a beautiful young girl from Kentucky, she isn’t as fun-loving as she makes herself out to be, according to Tom and Daisy are not right for each other. Tom knows that so he does what any unhappy man does when he is in a unhappy marriage, he has an affair. Once upon a time, Tom did love Daisy, he got married to her; but somewhere along the way, he lost interest in her and found himself wanting more. Tom has an affair with Myrtle Wilson, who is loved unconditionally by her very sweet and very hard working husband, George. The women in the relationship are not innocent either; Myrtle has an affair, but Daisy does things a little
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