Compare And Contrast Workaholics And Alcoholism

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Comparison/Contrast Essay
What is an addiction? Many may think of addiction is a character flaw, a weakness, or a disease. An addiction is a condition resulting from the use of an activity, whether it be ingesting a substance or engaging in work, gambling or shopping, to the point that it becomes compulsive. Addictions interfere with ordinary responsibilities and daily tasks, such as work, relationships or health. Many times, a person suffering from an addiction may not be aware their behavior is out of control. While both workaholics and alcoholics are both addictive behaviors, with many of the same causes and symptoms, on the hand treatment and prognosis can be very different.
Whether one is submerging themselves in their work, or consuming excessive alcoholic beverages it is important to identify the cause. There really are no specific reasons that someone may take an activity to the point of interfering with everyday life. Many times, it is a way to take a break from a strained relationship, financial hardships, or other stressful situations. The activity may have begun as a pleasurable release and escalated. The woman working 60 hours a week and the man drinking that case of beer very well could be avoiding personal problems that are causing them stress. Unless the cause of the addition is resolved one may find themselves merely changing the focus of the addiction. Often workaholics and alcoholism go hand in hand. Those recovering being a workaholic are statistically

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