Compare And Contrast Wrangler And Pinky

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Animals are a big part of kids’ lives all over the world. There are many types of pets people can have. Pinky is a pet pig in a book called A Day No Pigs Would Die, and I have a pet dog named Wrangler. Both animals have many similarities and differences. All animals are alike in many ways, but Pinky and my dog are alike in three main ways. Both animals are a part of a family. Pinky is Roberts pet, she loves pinky as a father and he loves Pinky as his own child. My dog Wrangler loves me as his mother and I love him as my child too. They are obviously both animals with four legs and a tail. Pinky and Wrangler are both loved and are taken care of. Even if Pinky and wrangler have many similarities, they have

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