Compare And Contrast Yerma

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People in many similar circumstances may react similar or differently to the way they deal with the situation. The wife from A.M. Homes short story “Do Not Disturb” wants to have a baby, but cant because of her situation and her husband just wants her to live. Yerma from Lorca’s drama “Yerma” wants to have a child, but her husband does not want to have any. Both stories are based o the fact that the women want to have children, but their husbands seem to be against their faith and decisions. While the Wife wants to die because she feels empty, Yerma takes things too far and leads to the death of her husband. While the main characters in both stories seem to have the desire of baring children, they both react to it differently. In the short…show more content…
Juan seems to not want to deal with the responsibility of being a father and having to work to support them and have the people talk. The wife has to battle with the decision of what to do with her life, while Yerma has to deal with the denial of Juan wanting to bare children to her. In both the short story and the poem, the men seem to not be much of a support towards their wives. The husband becomes a coward towards the end of the short story. His wife wants to separate from him, but he doesn’t want to end his marriage because he still loves her and wants to be with here till the end. He tries to escape, but his plan backfires at him. Homes states, This is the bravest thing I have ever done. I go back to the hotel and pack my bag. I am going to get out. I am going to fly away. I may never come back. I will begin again, as someone else-unrecognizable. I move to lift my bag off the bed, I pull it up and my knee goes out. I start to fall but catch myself. I pull at taw bag and take a step-too heavy… There is pain, searing, spreading, pouring, hot and cold, like water down my back, down my legs…I lie there waiting for the paralysis to recede (Homes
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